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Advantages of Using Digital Audio Workstation


There are multiple advantages to using digital audio workstations in an audio production environment.

The Capability to Handle Longer Sound Files
Hard disk recording is limited only by the size of the hard disk itself (commonly one minute of stereo recording at 44.1 kHz occupies 10.5 MB of hard disk memory or 5MB/track minute).

Random Access Editing
As audio is recorded on the hard disk, any point within the program can be accessed at any time, regardless of the order in which it was recorded.

Nondestructive Editing
Nondestructive editing allows audio segments (often called regions) to be placed in any order, manipulated in any fashion without changing the originally recorded sound file in any way.

Digital signal processing can be performed on a segment or entire sound file in either real time or non-real time in a nondestructive fashion.

In addition to these advantages, computer-based digital audio devices serve to integrate many of the tasks related to both digital audio and MIDI production. Many DAW's are capable of importing, processing, and exporting sound files into formats such as mp3 or Real Players G2.

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