Tips & tricks to use Sound Editor Deluxe.

Professional Uses of Audio Editing Software

By Pamela S. Stevens


1. Radio - Create unique radio ads or extract audio from video files for airplay. You can also use the software for cross fading, mixing or other DJ applications. Most products can perform format conversions, so you can take a clip from the Internet or an MP3 file and convert it to the format your station uses for broadcasting.

2. PowerPoint Presentations - Create perfect sound clips for your presentation or edit the bad audio of a video file before putting it into your presentation. You can also convert files into PowerPoint friendly formats including, AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV or ASF.

3. Corporate Website - Before posting music or other audio that plays on your website, make the clips sound clean. If it is a microphone recording, you can filter out background noises or get rid of hums or static. You can also use effects like fade, loops or amplification to change the original recording until it sounds perfect through computer speakers. You can also create podcasts using this type of software.

4. Forensics - Filters can clean up surveillance tapes or recorded phone conversations.

5. Restoration - Museums and libraries can benefit from easy to use filtering. Old vinyl or cylinder recordings, hill and dale Edison Diamond Discs, 78s, vinyl LPs and 45s can be restored by filtering out noise and adding back high frequency harmonics. See DC Millennium.

6. Performance - Cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers or figure skaters can use editing software to create performance mixes with smooth intros and changes.

7. Internet Sales - Expert sound clips with your product can help your business sound professional and boost sales and confidence in your company.

8. Demo CDs - If you are in a band on a budget, you can easily clean up live recordings before you put the tracks on a CD with a basic audio editing program.

9. Analyze Sound - Marine biologists, zoologists or ornithologists can analyze animal sounds.

10. Movie or Television - If you cannot afford expensive sound editors or equipment, these programs for less than $40 can help you edit and mix all of your sound clips and effects before they are added to your video. This is perfect for solo producers, film school projects or no budget indie productions.

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